The Eagle Project'The Eagle Project' is run by George and Cally Magalhães who have 2 sons, Benjamin,  and Joseph  

George, is Brazilian, has lived in Sao Paulo all his life and was called to missions at the age of 7.   Cally, is English and began working as a Missionary in in 1999 having also worked in India , Bosnia and Estonia.

   George, Cally, Benjamin and Joseph Magalh´┐Żes

They have been working together on the streets of São Paulo since the year 2000, rescuing children from the streets and either taking them to rehabs or reuniting them with their families.   On the streets they befriend the children, doing activities, playing games, etc and telling them about Jesus. 

As soon as a child leaves the street, they or one of their team of volunteers begins to visit the child's family,( most of whom live in slums), taking food, clothes etc and doing Bible studies.   Their vision is to not only restore the child but also the family and where possible help the child to return home and never leave for the streets again.


They also visit the Youth Prisons in São Paulo, and one of the semi-open prisons where they help ex-street-boys, orphans and those with death threats should they return home. Their work in the Youth Prison is to help the boys find a different future working with the judicial system enabling the boys to finish their sentences or probationary period at one of the Christian rehabs with which they are linked.


Their long-term vision is to open projects in other cities in and other nations where there are street-children. Their desire is to train and equip others and also disciple those they have rescued from the streets and the prison to work with them as part of their team, in and in other nations.  

They receive individuals and teams on a regular basis who work alongside them for up to 6 months and are in the process of applying for longer-term visas for potential volunteers.   This year they have opened 'The Eagle Project'  in as a non-governmental Organisation.


If you would like information about supporting this project please contact:

Stewardship: Tel 08452 262627


Reference number 81682156  

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